torsdag den 19. april 2007

Midget must...sleeep!

The classic breakdown of midget stamina; though desperately trying to feed mind with words, body negates this initiative entirely and goes on strike...obviously this normally passes unnoticed by others and therefore cannot be proved to have happend! hmm!

Jimiboy rocks!

My fave little dutchman, Jimi, looking very much like the hooded forest gnome there - so its fortunate that those are especially preferred by midgets:) Good food and company helps, too!

torsdag den 12. april 2007

Velkommen - Welcome

This page is my own little step into the world of blogging.
My name is Marie and given the fact that I have family and friends scattered across the globe, I'd better figure out a cohesive means for a little updating - hopefully sooner than later.

I hope to be back soon.